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"I would recommend a startup experience to anyone. The freedom in a small business allowed me to take up plenty of responsibilities in the company’s sales process and gave me valuable insights into how a startup is run. Also, the income of salespeople is no joke."

Emilis Gorbaciovas
Account Manager at NO-CV

"I was one of those people who said I'll never work in sales. However, after my first B2B sales job in a startup, I’ve realized that everything is completely different than I imagined. It is more about problem-solving than selling. And what is more rewarding than seeing your customer happy."

Indre Gintautaite
SDR at

"Working previously in one of the 70V startups helped me grow exponentially. The guys from the incubator and awesome founders provided me with all the support that helped me get to know how a business starts and scales as well as learn the basics of sales, team management, and so on."

Kipras Daugirdas
Account Manager at Squalio

"Without a doubt, working in a startup comes with its own grins and bears. But they (as hard as they might be) help to grow at incredible speed as a specialist and as a human being in general. I learn and improve every day in matters that I couldn't begin to imagine before."

Gabriele Laukaityte
Sales Operations at Oveo