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Why Evergrowth

Evergrowth is a leading B2B revenue growth agency. Our team has worked alongside some of the fastest-growing sales teams in the world since 2015, such as Trustpilot, Strava, Toptal, and others.

We are a remote-first organisation. We work with our team to build an optimal work environment and allow the flexibility needed to ensure it fits you as an individual. We trust you to be excellent at what you do and will provide as much support as needed when needed, but no more.

We view the process as a way to empower better work, not as a series of dogmatic rules. We develop our internal processes as we do products - through iteration, measurement, and continuous improvement. You will have autonomy and agency to drive projects and own decisions and outcomes.

You will be the best at what you do, and we will help you achieve that.

Values we stand by

Strive & persevere

We strive to challenge the status quo of B2B sales best practices. You can't reach 100% conversion, but you sure can try. We are comfortable with failing as long as we fail forward and learn from it until we reach our ambitious goals.


Our clients have high expectations of us. Our own expectations are even higher. We do our best to stay one step ahead of the market. We are leading the B2B sales trends. While others may try to copy us, we're staying one step ahead.

Own it

Each position in our company has clear goals. As long as you do what you promised, you have our trust. That means you have the freedom to work on your own terms & schedule. But trust also comes with great responsibility, you need to own your results leaving no room for excuses.

Deliver results

Our goal is to deliver tangible return on investment for each of our clients. We don't hide behind excuses and if we fail, we do everything humanly possible to overdeliver and catch-up. If someone asks is Evergrowth worth it? The answer should be a resounding yes.

Have fun & get inspired

We want people to enjoy what they do and have fun working with like-minded, insanely interesting people. We have professional dancers, singers, triatheletes and other exceptional folks on our team. We strongly believe that we should inspire each other and have fun.

Grow (personally & professionally)

Life shouldn’t happen to you, you should happen to life. We make sure that everyone on our team has the opportunity to grow, learn and strive to be better. We challenge you to be better. Remember - easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life.

Working style that works for you

We are a remote-first company which means we are setup and run to be effective for remote work. We do understand that people have different working preferences.

Work remotely

Our company is set up to accommodate remote workers and 85% of our company is working remote. Our team is distributed across the US and Europe.

Work hybrid

We have an office space in Lithuania that you're welcome to swing by, most of our employees come for a few days or weeks at a time. We run at least 2 offsites a year too.

Work in-office

If the office is what you prefer, we have an amazing space in Talent Garden, Vilnius. You're welcome to come. There are usually at least 5 to 10 people there at any time.

Short and sweet interview process

We can get everything done within 24 hours since you control the speed.

10 minutes
Quick quiz
We’ll send this as soon as you apply, this helps us see your strengths and weaknesses.
30 minutes
Meet your future leader, ask questions and see if you're a good fit for our team.
2 to 4 hours
Practical task
This helps understand what drives you and which role will work best for you.
5 minutes
Offer letter
We'll send you the contract and get you onboarded.

Growth plan that excites you

Let’s create a money, skills, and promotion plan that achieves your goals faster than anywhere else.

It's not about the money but it's important. We'll work together with you to build a plan where you can reach your target 'number' over time.
You'll learn industry-leading best practices for your role and have opportunities to work alongside experts in sales, analytics & marketing.
We will steadily introduce you to new challenges and give you more responsibility. To grow you need to not stay in your comfort zone for long.


Over the past three years, JB has been an incredible mentor and coach, helping me navigate the complexities of the organization and achieve success in my various roles. This support was especially critical as I progressed to more senior roles, providing me with the necessary guidance and resources to make it smooth and successful. The training sessions and development opportunities were immensely helpful, and his encouragement and support helped me to reach new heights in my career.
Sales Enablement Manager
After graduating, I spent some time doing bar work and trying to avoid the monotony of a typical 9-5 but then I decided to see if sales was right for me. Evergrowth has provided me with full training to start in B2B sales. Once I completed my training, I was introduced to the CEO of a startup who gave me the chance to prove myself. After 4 months I was promoted and am currently enjoying the opportunities of this exciting new role. Can't recommend this path enough to anyone looking to start or transition their career path!
Account Manager & ABS Consultant
Evergrowth is all you need to start a career in B2B sales. Top-tier knowledge and support grew my interpersonal and technical skills exponentially. I was quickly placed with an exciting client where I have been promoted twice.
Account Manager & ABS Consultant